10 years experience

about us

Bread for excellence according to standards ​
Raised in and out doors
No Kennels, No Crates
Well Socialized, Gentle Temperament

about me

My name is Paul. Ten years ago I fell in love with a personal companion, a “King Shepherd” pet. My amazement of it’s qualities stirred a passion in me to share the breed with others as well as the “New Designer” breed of Shepnees. Please see our page with information about these amazing breeds.

Our mission is to continue the 20 year process of breeding the magnificent King Shepherd and new exotic line of Shepnees, in a safe, clean and loving environment. We aim to do our best in determining the right fit for our puppies new homes, to hopefully build lasting relationships with our new puppy owners for further education, well being and improved care of the breed.


We live on a 40 acre ranch up in Seligman, Arizona. We are not far from the famous Grand Canyon Caverns. Our shepherds sleep indoors with us. Most of them wake me up at about 4:30 AM and then it’s on ! ! First, I grab my cup of coffee ,of course, then their meals start. We at Blue Sea Shepherds know how important it is to have our King Shepherds get the right nutrition for a healthy strong body. When we’re not cooking on the stove for our shepherds, we’re doing raw chicken, steak, beef ribs and excellent kibble. Diet is mainly cooked and raw. We love to see our King Shepherds flourish due to the exercise they get on the ranch and also their nutrition consumption is a huge part of keeping them healthy. We go out of our way to give our shepherds the best.